Beer Of The Week # 17 // Modelo Especial


Grupo Modelo is a rather large brewery in Mexico, who produce beer for export (not to America due to some legal issues regarding monopoloies) as well as for the domestic market. Their brands Estrella, Leon and Montejo can only be found locally, and account for 63% of beer sales in Mexico alone, a figure helped considerably by the brewery also owning one of the biggest convenience store chains in Mexico too. Which is really very convenient when you think about it.

This beer is light amber in colour, slightly carbonated with a minimalist head there are distinct aromas of grain and corn with a light, fruity note apparent too. Chalk and grass are notable to the taste, with a hint of honey which brings a gentle sweetness to the palette. A light bodied, easy-drinking pils ideal for lazy, sunny days in the garden. 33cl // 4.5% ABV // £1.89.





Beer Of The Week # 14 // Ayinger Lager Hell


The Ayinger Brewery (pronounced “eye-ing-gr”) is a medium-sized German brewery located in Aying, Bavaria. Oddly enough, for some years a range of beer was brewed under the Ayingerbrau name by the Samuel Smith’s Brewery. Although the Ayinger logo was used, the recipes were different from those of the Ayinger Brewery, this relationship ended in 2006.

This pilsner  is malt and grain dominated, just a bit of sweetness and grainy malts on the nose with a faint hoppy, straw like and slightly floral taste. The body is quite solid for a lager, with a small, foamy head. Some residual malts, very light hops and a hint of dry grass in the finish. A great session beer. 500ml // 4.9% ABV // £2.69



Beer of The Week #2 // Astra


Astra, a northern German lager brewed in the heart of Hamburg. A beer we’ve stocked for nigh on ten years now and one that proves consistently popular. It has a dry quality common to pilsners from the north but also has a mild hay-like hop bitterness, which contrasts against corny sweet malts.

As for Astra’s appearance, it is golden in colour with a transient white head, with a medium-light body and somewhat grainy feel on the mouth. Easy drinking is surely an option with this bitter pils as it comes in at 4.9% abv, thus you can happily consider it a session beer.

Best served straight from the fridge this beer can be truly refreshing and thirst quenching, the hint of minerals bordering on a steely flavour proves very satisfying balance against the very light malt. All in all a solid, affordable bottle in 50cl. Love the heart!