Wine Of The Week # 18 // Framingham Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

Framingham produce wines from parcels grown exclusively in the Wairu Valley, located in the North East of New Zealand’s Southern Island. A small batch producer founded by Rex Brooke-Taylor, Framingham released their first wine, a Reisling, in 1994 and in addition to this produce Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir, Viognier and Montepulciano grape varieties. Though subsequently they have also produced Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Pinotage, Merlot, Malbec and Chenin Blanc varieties to great success too.

This Pinot Noir is really very close to the Burgundy style, mid-garnet in colour, supple and elegant the wine has a complex nose of ripe black cherries, raspberry liquor and a distinctly floral note of violets. The dark fruits carry through to the palate, with a distinct taste of smoked oak and spice, a hint of game, a fresh, vibrant acidity and light tannins. Light bodied this is an outstanding wine from a fantastic small producer. 750ml // 13.5% ABV // £17.99



Wine Of The Week # 17 // A. Scherer Gewürztraminer ’13


The Gewürztraminer variety has high natural sugar and the wines are white and usually off-dry, with an intense, aromatic bouquet. The name Gewürztraminer literally means “Spice Traminer” or “Perfumed Traminer”, and originally hails from the Alsace region in France, though the grape is now grown in various areas of Germany as well as Australia, New Zealand and North America.

A small 7-hectare estate that is situated in the village of Husseren produce this is a lovely, delicate and subtle wine with clear notes of rose water, spice, flora akin to Turkish delight on the nose. There is a touch of residual sugar here, that brings a honey like quality to the wine, though this is more than offset by a charming acidity in the mouth. 750ml // 12.5% ABV // £13.50

Beer Of The Week # 6 // 8 Degrees Barefoot Bohemian Pilsner

barefoot-bohemianWhere in proximity to each other, Australia and New Zealand have never exactly seen eye to eye. Which makes 8 Degrees a rather fascinating brewery, particularly as they are based in County Cork, Ireland. Founded in 2010 the duo that is Scott (the Kiwi) and Cam (the Aussie) have had remarkable success, with one of their beers picking up a bronze at the world beer cup. Quite the feat for a small independent brewery!

This Czech style pilsner has honey, orange citrus and a malty treacle aroma, which is almost akin to Belgian waffles and(or) caramelised fruits. Steely, ceamy but also sweet and dry to the taste it is very well rounded and refreshing. Exclusive to Carringtons, along with an IPA and a red ale, in the UK. Balanced and thirst slaking this is a lovely and distinct pilsner. £2.25 // 4.0 % ABV // 33cl.