Beer Of The Week # 9 // Wilson Potter A Bit Of Summit


A small, six barrel microbrewery based in Middleton, North Manchester, though their origins hark back to a Friday night experiment in one of their kitchens. The brewers, Kathryn and Amanda, produced their first commercial beers in October 2011 and they’ve been picking up awards ever since, with their beers regularly being commended at Festivals in the North West.

This pale ale made with Summit hops has a lightly bitter nose that is full of pineapple citrus, an aroma which carries through in the taste in a refreshing sweetness. Crisp, light and dry it has a great balance of malt and hops, an almost textbook example of an English bitter which at this ABV you can drink all day. £2.49 // ABV 3.7 % // 500ml.

Beer Of The Week # 5 // Brightside Mancunian

The Mancunian

A family run business that bravely turned their back on nearly 30 years of baking to set up their own brewery, to much success. The family behind Brightside beers have been quietly becoming the toast of Manchester and beyond.

This is a lightly bitter blonde IPA, from their ‘Manchester Icons’, holds peach and banana toffee on the nose, contrasted against citrus and gentle hopiness, contrasted against a light bitterness it is well balanced and makes for a very enjoyable, refreshing real ale. ABV 4.5 % // 500ml – £2.80