Wine Of The Week # 20 // Le Saint André Rosé


Produced in the heartland of Aix En Provence, an area that produces truly delectable wines in this variety, and in some views the best rosé to be had. This region is on the South-East coast, benefiting from two key elements; long hours of sunshine that cultivates and number of grape varieties and a thermal buffer created by the sea, allowing for greater ambient heat allowing an earlier harvest.

This rosé is classic, pale salmon pink in colour and incredibly delicate. To the nose it provides strawberries, apples and fragrant herbs whilst the palate begins with a gentle fruity acidity, leading to long, rich finish definitive of Provence, spice and sea air reminiscent of that Mediterranean freshness. A lovely bottle that would compliment shellfish, anti-pasti and grilled chicken. 75cl // 12.5% ABV // £10.99


Wine Of The Week # 17 // A. Scherer Gewürztraminer ’13


The Gewürztraminer variety has high natural sugar and the wines are white and usually off-dry, with an intense, aromatic bouquet. The name Gewürztraminer literally means “Spice Traminer” or “Perfumed Traminer”, and originally hails from the Alsace region in France, though the grape is now grown in various areas of Germany as well as Australia, New Zealand and North America.

A small 7-hectare estate that is situated in the village of Husseren produce this is a lovely, delicate and subtle wine with clear notes of rose water, spice, flora akin to Turkish delight on the nose. There is a touch of residual sugar here, that brings a honey like quality to the wine, though this is more than offset by a charming acidity in the mouth. 750ml // 12.5% ABV // £13.50