The Ever Elusive Château Des Tours


We sought it here, we sought it there, we sought it everywhere. And at last we prevailed, and are delighted to announce the arrival of some truly unique wine,  Château Des Tours. Coming under the umbrella of the renound Château Rayas, a vinyard that takes the concept of mystery to an entirely new level. 

There are no château buildings, no grand signs proclaiming your arrival, no new oak barrels to indicate a vinyard of note. Instead, the wine is made in what appears to be a small warehouse. The estate produces an extremely limited quantity per annum and ages their wine for at least five to fifteen years. 

The owner, Emmanuel Reynaud, is notorious for refusing appointments, just to reinforce this utter lack of interest in their public the winery voicemail states ‘any messages will not be listened to, so try again later’ though even this minimalist approach to public relations is apparently an improvement on the previous generation.

It is said that Emmanuel’s predecessor, Jacques, was prone to hiding in the winery or behind convenient pine trees to avoid guests that had arrived not to mention his own importers who had prearranged appointments. All of which adds to hilarity and mytique of it all. Limited stock of this truly rare Vacqueyras and Cotes Du Rhone available in both Chorlton and Didsbury.