Beer Of The Week #3 // Jupiler (and more!)

jupiler Jupiler! A staple beer of Belgium, in fact the biggest selling beer in Belgium. Found in nigh on every pub and bar in that flat country alongside Maes it’s a solid session beer, a pale lager that is both malty and hoppy on the end and very refreshing. Alongside this classic we’re currently stocking 39 different Belgian beers including but not limited to Leffe (three varieties), Leffe, Hoegarrden, St. Bernardus, Mort Subite (two varieties), Floris, Duvel, Barbar, Voisin, Straffe Hendrik, Gulden Draak, Delirium, Westmalle, Kwak and the beat goes on and on!

Beer of The Week #2 // Astra


Astra, a northern German lager brewed in the heart of Hamburg. A beer we’ve stocked for nigh on ten years now and one that proves consistently popular. It has a dry quality common to pilsners from the north but also has a mild hay-like hop bitterness, which contrasts against corny sweet malts.

As for Astra’s appearance, it is golden in colour with a transient white head, with a medium-light body and somewhat grainy feel on the mouth. Easy drinking is surely an option with this bitter pils as it comes in at 4.9% abv, thus you can happily consider it a session beer.

Best served straight from the fridge this beer can be truly refreshing and thirst quenching, the hint of minerals bordering on a steely flavour proves very satisfying balance against the very light malt. All in all a solid, affordable bottle in 50cl. Love the heart!



Beer of The Week #1 // Edelstoff


This is not a beer we bestow lightly, and this is not a generic beer. We fear that we may have set the bar quite high for ourselves by starting with this offering from Augustiner, one of the oldest brewers in Munich, Germany.

While we usually would agree with the old adage of ‘not judging a book by its cover’, the ornate and grand label on this bottle does give an indication of the quality of the product in the bottle.

Edelstoff is a golden lager with a slightly more viscous texture and sweeter finish that you would get from more traditional German Helles beers, but it remains refreshing and light due to the presence of a light hoppiness and the effervescence of this gem. Especially when straight from the fridge!

The lightness of this beer gives no hint to the 5.6% abv export strengh, so while you will be tempted to turn Edelstoff into your new favourite ‘session beer’, be warned that any session on this beer will not last long.

You will find Edelstoff in quality independent bars, and is a firm favourite at Carrington’s in our Chorlton and Didsbury stores. And a firm favourite of ours too!