Greater Manchester same day delivery

Carringtons are now offering online orders of beers, wines and spirits delivery to Greater Manchester area via electric bike — with either same day or next day!

If your postcode delivery is within the Greater Manchester area you can choose same day or next day delivery at checkout when ordering from this site. Please note that 6 cases of wine maximum is the maximum load for the bikes.

Orders placed before 2pm will be delivered by 5pm the same day

Orders placed before 11pm will be delivered by 2pm the next day

Zone 1 (red) same day = £5

Zone 1 (red) next day = £2

Zone 2 (blue) same day = £6

Zone 2 (blue) next day = £3

Carringtons greater Manchester Delivery uses Zeem fleet of high-capacity Electric cargo bikes.

About Zeem

Zeem’s fleet of Electric Cargo Bicycles can reliably and efficiently collect, transport, and deliver your goods to and from wherever they need to go.

With consumers becoming more environmentally conscious, but with the same insatiable appetite for fast, hassle-free delivery, we’re equipped to help you reduce your emissions and meet your targets.

View Zeem website

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