Beer Of The Week # 20 // Thornbridge Jaipur


The Thornbridge Brewery is an independent brewery founded and formerly situated in the grounds of Thornbridge Hall. The brewery has won more than 200 awards since it’s opening, including being recognised as the Best Drinks Producer in the BBC Radio 4 Food And Farming Awards in 2014.

A clear light amber in colour, this IPA has distinct notes of bitter oranges, tropical fruits and floral hints. Soft, smooth and full of flavour, this beer is a bit of hop monster balanced against a slight honey like sweetness and hints of citrus. A beast of an IPA to be enjoyed on sunny days! 500ml // 5.9% ABV // £3.15

Wine Of The Week # 22 // Cataldo Grillo & Inzolia


Sicily is Italy’s southernmost region, for more than 2500 years the area has been a significant center of Mediterranean viniculture, although the reputation and style of its wines has changed significantly over that time. Although once famous for sweet Muscats and later fortified Marsala the island’s best known wines are now its dry table wines produced under the regional IGT title, Terre Siciliane.

Produced from 60% of Grillo and 40% of Inzolia grapes, this wine is a pale gold in colour, almost akin to straw. this is a beautiful and delicate wine. The nose is distinct of white blossom, with hints of almonds and fragrant herbs that carry through to the taste. 75cl // 12.5% ABV // £8.49



Beer Of The Week # 19 // Ayinger Celebrator


The Ayinger Brewery (pronounced “eye-ing-gr”) is a medium-sized German brewery located in Aying, Bavaria. Oddly enough, for some years a range of beer was brewed under the Ayingerbrau name by the Samuel Smith’s Brewery. Although the Ayinger logo was used, the recipes were different from those of the Ayinger Brewery, this relationship ended in 2006.

Dark, hazy brown in colour with a creamy tan head, this doppelbock has distinct notes of dried fruit, balanced with nutty and malt aromas, the latter of which carries through to the taste. Sweet and spicy, with caramel, chocolate and herb hints that make a complex yet smooth and creamy beer. Free billy-goat with every bottle. 33cl // 6.7% ABV // £2.30.



Wine Of The Week # 21 // Dionysus Cava ’12


Cava is Spain’s iconic sparkling wine style, and the Iberian Peninsula’s answer to Champagne. Its name comes not from a place, grape variety or winemaking technique, but from the stone cellars (cavas) in which the wine is matured. The style was first produced in the 1870’s, by a Josep Raventós, on his return to Catalonia after a visit to France where he studied the ‘method traditionnelle’.

Appropriately named after the Greek God of the grape harvest, this Cava is very aromatic with distinct notes of jasmine and white fruits, specifically pear and banana. Fresh, fruity and easily drinkable with fine bubbles, citric notes and a mild dryness this organic Cava is ideal for the sunny days ahead of us. 75cl // 12% ABV // £9.99

Beer Of The Week # 18 // Alhambra Reserva 1925


In 1890, Enrique, Luis, and Carolina, the children of a French entrepreneur born in Lorraine, founded Hijos de Casimiro Mahou in Madrid. Their French surname was to become the flagship name of one of Spain’s most famous beers, Mahou, which they still produce alongside San Miguel, Mezquita and the Alhambra range of beers, including the 1925 Reserva Especial.

Slightly darker than most Pilsners this beer pours dark gold, with a frothy white head. Medium bodied, this pils has notes of honey and caramel, buttered toast and grain on the nose. Malts, light bitterness and a slight sweetness balance against metallic hints on the taste. It is also deceptively strong! 33cl // 6.4%ABV // £1.97

Wine Of The Week # 20 // Le Saint André Rosé


Produced in the heartland of Aix En Provence, an area that produces truly delectable wines in this variety, and in some views the best rosé to be had. This region is on the South-East coast, benefiting from two key elements; long hours of sunshine that cultivates and number of grape varieties and a thermal buffer created by the sea, allowing for greater ambient heat allowing an earlier harvest.

This rosé is classic, pale salmon pink in colour and incredibly delicate. To the nose it provides strawberries, apples and fragrant herbs whilst the palate begins with a gentle fruity acidity, leading to long, rich finish definitive of Provence, spice and sea air reminiscent of that Mediterranean freshness. A lovely bottle that would compliment shellfish, anti-pasti and grilled chicken. 75cl // 12.5% ABV // £10.99


Beer Of The Week # 17 // Modelo Especial


Grupo Modelo is a rather large brewery in Mexico, who produce beer for export (not to America due to some legal issues regarding monopoloies) as well as for the domestic market. Their brands Estrella, Leon and Montejo can only be found locally, and account for 63% of beer sales in Mexico alone, a figure helped considerably by the brewery also owning one of the biggest convenience store chains in Mexico too. Which is really very convenient when you think about it.

This beer is light amber in colour, slightly carbonated with a minimalist head there are distinct aromas of grain and corn with a light, fruity note apparent too. Chalk and grass are notable to the taste, with a hint of honey which brings a gentle sweetness to the palette. A light bodied, easy-drinking pils ideal for lazy, sunny days in the garden. 33cl // 4.5% ABV // £1.89.