Wine, beer and plenty of spirit

Carringtons shop front

Manchester’s award-winning wine, spirit and beer merchant

We love wine. We love drinking it. We love talking about it. And most importantly, we love sharing it with our customers.

It’s easy to stick to what you know, but quality wine doesn’t mean big brands.

At Carringtons, we’ve found the best producers making top-class wine you won’t see anywhere else.

We work with innovators in the industry to find you new exciting wines

From Rhône to Rioja, we trawl through the wine regions finding top-quality wine you can’t buy anywhere else.

It’s the same with the beer we stock. We adore independent breweries pushing the boundaries of brewing.

For 30 years, we’ve been pioneers

It used to be tricky to buy unique, fine wines in the North West. Frustratingly, Manchester was bypassed. So we decided to change that. We knew if we were to become the wine shop we wanted to be, we had to go out there and connect with the producers.

So that’s what we did.

We took ourselves to France, found the finest restaurants and studied the wine lists. After all, these guys knew who was producing great wines locally.

The next day we knocked on the door of the wineries and introduced ourselves.

It worked.

Over the last 30 years, we have built relationships with some of the best wine producers in the world and brought their wines back to Manchester.

When you buy wine from us, there’ll always be a story. A story of where it came from, how it was made and how it tastes. That’s because we’ve visited and tasted the wines. You’re not just drinking a bottle of wine. With each bottle, there’s a story to tell.

Good food and great wine bring people together, and Carringtons has been bringing people together for decades.

Whether you have a dinner party for 12 or a quiet night in for 2, we have the perfect drink for you to enjoy.

It’s all about great wine and happy customers

“A truly independent purveyor of the best selection of beer, wines and spirits I’ve seen in Greater Manchester. The staff are super-knowledgeable about beers/wines/spirits in general, but also about each one of their many products”

“So much beer! Biggest selection of lagers and beers I have seen. I could spend hours wandering the shelves and between the crates finding gems of imported pilsner. There’s also a good selection of wine, maybe next time…”

“Fantastic range of just about everything you could drink. Extremely knowledgeable staff and excellent recommendations on what you’re looking for.”