Upcoming Events!


September 27th– All The Other Fizz

An evening exploring the broad spectrum of sparkling wines produced outside of the Champagne region. Covering a wide variety of wines produced in France’s Loire Valley as well as different styles of Cava and Prosseco.

Tickets £25 – https://bit.ly/2PpjpZv

October 4th– Tour D’Italia

Covering the rich and diverse styles of wine originating from the fabled boot of Europe. Exploring the classic grapes and styles from across the country in one succinct event.

Tickets £25 – https://bit.ly/2N3mK2S

October 11th– Rhone / North to South

Exploring the Cru’s of the Rhone Valley, starting in the north and working south through the different styles and terroirs of Carrington’s most beloved French region.

Tickets £25 – https://bit.ly/2wyfLEQ