Beer Of The Week # 17 // Modelo Especial


Grupo Modelo is a rather large brewery in Mexico, who produce beer for export (not to America due to some legal issues regarding monopoloies) as well as for the domestic market. Their brands Estrella, Leon and Montejo can only be found locally, and account for 63% of beer sales in Mexico alone, a figure helped considerably by the brewery also owning one of the biggest convenience store chains in Mexico too. Which is really very convenient when you think about it.

This beer is light amber in colour, slightly carbonated with a minimalist head there are distinct aromas of grain and corn with a light, fruity note apparent too. Chalk and grass are notable to the taste, with a hint of honey which brings a gentle sweetness to the palette. A light bodied, easy-drinking pils ideal for lazy, sunny days in the garden. 33cl // 4.5% ABV // £1.89.