Beer Of The Week # 16 // Duegniet


Deugniet, which translates as scoundrel, knave or naughty boy in English is a Belgian beer produced by Brasserie du Bocq, founded in 1858 by Martin Belot. At first, the brewery was only active during the winter months as farming took priority during the summer, though shortly after the 1st World War the brewery began to produce La Gauloise, their primary beer, which gained immediate success and to satisfy demand for this beer they began brewing full-time.

This beer is a hazy, golden amber in colour and has a nose of honey, coriander and earthy yeast complimented by a hint of apple, the latter of which carries through to the taste. Spicey and sweet with a mild bitterness it has a medium to full body with a big, white head. A traditional Belgian ale that is not quite a tripel, nor exactly a blonde but rather sits on the fence between these two styles. 33cl // 7.5% ABV // £2.85.