Beer Of The Week # 14 // Ayinger Lager Hell


The Ayinger Brewery (pronounced “eye-ing-gr”) is a medium-sized German brewery located in Aying, Bavaria. Oddly enough, for some years a range of beer was brewed under the Ayingerbrau name by the Samuel Smith’s Brewery. Although the Ayinger logo was used, the recipes were different from those of the Ayinger Brewery, this relationship ended in 2006.

This pilsner  is malt and grain dominated, just a bit of sweetness and grainy malts on the nose with a faint hoppy, straw like and slightly floral taste. The body is quite solid for a lager, with a small, foamy head. Some residual malts, very light hops and a hint of dry grass in the finish. A great session beer. 500ml // 4.9% ABV // £2.69