Beer Of The Week # 12 // Ilkely Siberia


Ilkely are well know for the sometimes unusual but chareristically different takes on traditional British brewing techniques. Originally founded in 1873 as the “Ilkley Brewery and Aerated Water Company’’, they utilised the areas natural springs to great effect in becoming one of the regions leading beverage producers, as well as importing fine wines and spirits from around the world. The brewery re-opened is 2009, and continues to use many of the techniques yesteryear.

Siberia is a Yorkshire spin on a traditional Saison beer, a hazy orange in colour Ilkley have brewed this beer with local rhubarb, stewed with vanilla to balance the vegetable’s natural sourness against the earthiness and spice of the Saison yeast. In addition to this a dash of Grains of Paradise, a noble European hop, have been added, providing a little zing and sweetness to contrast against the long, bitter finish. £3.59 // 5.9% ABV // 500ml.