Wine Of The Week # 14 // Corvo Bianco


Corvo is a celebrated Sicilian wine producer based in Casteldaccia, near Palermo. Founded in 1824 they produce about 830,000 cases of wine annually from roughly 14,000 tons of purchased grapes. For many years, Corvo was one of the few table wines imported from Sicily, while that is no longer the case, it is still a popular vineyard who produce some exceptional wines that are a great expression of their varietal for a very reasonable price tag.

Produced entirely from the Insolia grape, this wine is clear and bright pale yellow in colour with green nuances. The aroma is intense, delicate fruity with notes of peach and citrus clearly apparent. The wine is well balanced on the palate which is crisp and dry, with a full bodied feel in the mouth with a very gentle, but pleasant sourness apparent too. £13.99 // 12% ABV // 750ml.