Wine Of The Week # 12 // La Fornace Gavi ’13

Gavi 2

Gavi, like Soave, is a wine that takes its name from the region’s main village. The village, Gavi, is in southern Piedmont, bordering Liguria, and the wine is made from the Cortese grape. Although Cortese is grown all over the northwest, it was first recorded as a Piedmontese variety in 1659 and has long been favoured by the neighbouring port of Genoa to accompany the region’s locally caught seafood.

Pale yellow in colour this wine is amazingly aromatic and highly floral, with notes of orange rind, pineapple and white blossom, as well as a hint of crystallised ginger and toasted almond. Rich in mouth, great acidity amd sapidity which is well balanced by a rounded body and a long lasting end. Ideally paired with seafood dishes, white meats, anti-pasti as well as light risotto and pasta dishes. £11.50 // 12% ABV // 750ml.