Wine Of The Week # 11 // Vegia Vinho Tinto ’11


Produced as a joint effort Pedro Araujo of Casa de Cello and current star winemaker Pedro Anselmo. Casa de Cello has two vineyards in Portugal, with this wine hailing from their eastern most location, situated in Dão region, near Penalva de Castelo. They use traditional techniques alongside modern viticultural and oenological technologies, a situation not uncommon in many vineyards with a long history but still producing for the modern market.

This wine is a deep purple in colour, with a bouquet of cherries, marzipan and peach stones, as well as hint of spice and burnt earth. A supple and silky wine which is full of fruit, with gentle tannins and a light acidity. A gentle hint of oak is also apparent, making for a rounded wine with a very clean finish. A beauty! £11.25 // ABV 13.5% 75cl.