Beer Of The Week # 8 // Hacker-Pschorr Sternweisse


In the late 18th century, Joseph Pschorr bought the Hacker brewery from his father-in-law; he subsequently founded a separate brewery under his own name. These were then divided once more by his two sons but subsequently re-merged in 1972, this became the Hacker-Pschorr we all know and liebe. They’re range of brews are showcased at the world renowned event, Oktoberfest.

A cloudy amber, bordering on orange colour this wheat beer has sharp citrus aroma’s contrasted against with banana and yeasty dough. Much of this continues into the taste, though distinct caramel and cloves come through, then more bread crust is apparent bringing a wholesomeness and depth. A perfect beer to warm your taste buds through these remaining cold nights of February. Equally, adding a slice of lemon brings through a hint of summer! £3.00 // 5.5 % ABV // 0.5 Ltr.