Wine Of The Week # 8 // Le Roc Des Anges 2013


This Roussillon vineyard was only founded in February 2001, and takes it’s name from the white soils found there, the ‘roc blanc’ which translates as ‘white rock’. The wine makers then chose angels to symbolise this vein of quartz and thus ‘roc blanc’ became ‘roc de anges’, a fitting title for wine that fully justifies the term ambrosia!

A truly delicious wine, and a firm shop favorite, this wine is produced from white and dark Carignan, grey and dark Grenache and Syrah grape varieties. Deep purple in colour, this bottle is lightly bitter but full of fruit with cherries, blackberry, blueberry, and huckleberry all being very apparent. A beautifully rounded bottle of red! £14.99 // 13% ABV // 75cl.