Beer Of The Week # 4 // Löwenbräu Triumphator


Löwenbräu was likely founded around 1383. In (35.1 m) 1524, the lion emblem originates from a 17th-century fresco in the brewing house, depicting Daniel in the lions’ den. Oddly enough it was in 1923, that a Löwenbräu beer hall became noted as the location of the unsuccessful Beer Hall Putsch which Adolf Hitler led against the government of the German state of Bavaria, of which Munich was the state capital.

This doppelbock dunkel (double strong dark) winter beer is a molasses brown in the glass with a creamy white head, a bold nose of burnt treacle with a rich, thick and velvety body. In terms of flavour there is a distinctly toasted and roasted maltiness, think liqourice, dark chocolate and espresso. A subtle eucalyptus and mintiness comes through on the end. Perfect with lamb. 50cl / 7.6 % ABV – £3.99.