The Russians Are Coming!


We recently took delivery of a range of exclusive Russian vodkas, straight from the Rodina! Five varieties in half bottle measures, 50cl, each with it’s own texture, balance and flavour. Here are a few notes on each.


Produced from pure grain spirits flavoured with port and infusion of ginger, roots of tormentil and angelica, cloves, black and red pepper, juniper berry, coffee, star anise and lemon peel. Also known as ‘Hunters’ Vodka’.


A greenish-yellow vodka distilled from the infusion of ‘sweet grass’ with a herbaceous, mild and slightly burning flavour combining liquorice, toffee and cough medicine. Not to be dismissed.


Filtered through birch-tree charcoal and quartz sand. Made from a 15th century recipe still going strong today, the recipe is based on potatoes and a small amount of cinnamon. A truly lovely bottle.


From the Kuban lowlands in the south of Russia. A delicate bouquet, an original recipe that brings forth a hint of honey and a slightly bitter undertone. An exceptional bottle.

Peter The Great

Clean and soft on the nose. On the palate you’ll findthe purity and refinement that you would expect from a great vodka. The texture is smooth and velvety with light spicy notes from the Dankowskie rye.