Beer of The Week #2 // Astra


Astra, a northern German lager brewed in the heart of Hamburg. A beer we’ve stocked for nigh on ten years now and one that proves consistently popular. It has a dry quality common to pilsners from the north but also has a mild hay-like hop bitterness, which contrasts against corny sweet malts.

As for Astra’s appearance, it is golden in colour with a transient white head, with a medium-light body and somewhat grainy feel on the mouth. Easy drinking is surely an option with this bitter pils as it comes in at 4.9% abv, thus you can happily consider it a session beer.

Best served straight from the fridge this beer can be truly refreshing and thirst quenching, the hint of minerals bordering on a steely flavour proves very satisfying balance against the very light malt. All in all a solid, affordable bottle in 50cl. Love the heart!